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Many employers hire more people during the summer to adjust for seasonal demands. At the same time, many people are looking for summer employment. This can result in a high volume of applications being submitted and become an overwhelming process for both the employer and for the job seeker. Here are some hiring components to expect when seeking a summer job:

  • Slow or no response. Many summer hiring employers get hundreds of applications. It is okay to follow-up the week after you apply to express your interest, but don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear anything back right away. If you meet the qualifications you will likely hear from them. Don’t sweat it. Just keep applying to as many places as possible. Finding a summer job can be numbers game. The more applications you submit, the better your odds.
  • Expect to fill out applications. Some employers may want a resume, but in general you will need to be prepared to fill out an application. Never leave blank spaces on an application and make sure to include the information that shows you can do the job. Print clearly and neatly. Provide honest answers. I recommend always having the contact information for your references and past employment dates, etc. with you so you can fill that information out completely and accurately.
  • Be ready for phone calls, emails, and even text messages. The most common mistake people make is not providing accurate and valid contact information. When you are expecting to hear from employers, be prepared and ready to answer. Check your messages, emails, and text frequently and respond promptly. Don’t give the employer the opportunity to go on to the next person – be reachable and respond quickly.

Many jobs are available for seasonal or summer work. Hospitality, retail, construction and food service are top industries hiring during the summer. And don’t forget about opportunities related to landscaping, car detailing, plant nurseries, and water parks. These are just some of the places that usually ramp up for the summer and can provide great experience-building opportunities.

Know what to expect so you can manage the process and have a more successful summer job search. Happy Hunting!


Stacie Wills

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