Job seekers can get frustrated when they feel they are doing all they can and still don’t land their dream job. There are a few myths that may be standing in your way of being the next “employed” person in your community. Review the reality checks below and see if you are stumbling on any of these blocks.

Expectation:  “To be happy, I have to work in a job I love.”

Reality: Working itself provides a sense of fulfillment, community, and purpose regardless of what you are doing. There are always parts of a job that are less desirable than others. The key is to make the best of it. Focus on finding a job that requires skills where you excel and keep working toward the job you want.

Expectation:  “I’m submitting applications and sending resumes, what else can I do?”

Reality:  In today’s market you have to do more. It starts with your personal branding (that includes your image on social media) and how you present yourself in the community and with employers. It also requires doing research, networking, following up on calls and meetings, preparing ahead of time, and getting the word out you are looking. You never know who you will meet at a community function, job fair or even the grocery store.

Expectation:  “Employers do not care about resumes anymore.”

Reality:  Resumes are still very much a part of the hiring process for most employers. As a recruiter, I recommend you remove any personal information (pictures, dates of birth, social security number, etc.). Keep your resume one to two pages in length, typewritten, with accurate contact information. Your skills must be visible and relevant for the job you care considering. If you need assistance with it, contact a local Manpower office or your local Department of Labor.

Try to stay focused on the reality of the job search and seek assistance from your local resources.   Remain motivated and you will be the next “employed” person in your community. There are many job seekers but only one YOU.  Show employers what you got and go get that job!

Stacie Wills

About Stacie Wills

Stacie shares her experience and expertise to help build stronger communities by supporting employees and applicants in the ever changing world of work. From ethical work practices that have not changed in many years to best practices that change all the time, she can guide you through the challenges of finding and keeping steady work or growing your career.