Life will always come with it’s fair share of rejection. This is very true in the world of work. From not getting the job you wanted to not getting that promotion that you worked so hard to earn, disappointment is bound to show its ugly head from time to time. It does not have to be a bad thing, and actually, it can be quite a good thing if we learn to use it to our advantage.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you face rejection:

  1. There may be something better coming your way
  2. Every rejection is an opportunity to grow and develop as a person/employee
  3. Rejection means you attempted something, and that is half the battle
  4. A rejection is not the end, it is only a stepping stone to another possibility

How to deal with rejections in the workplace:

  1. Stay positive with your words, actions, and body language
  2. Use the opportunity to re-evaluate your goal and approach
  3. If it is something you truly want- persevere
  4. Seek out ways to learn from the situation and grow

Not every door you knock at will be the one you are meant to go through. Every great accomplishment and every successful person has had to face rejection. To keep moving forward and not give up demonstrates character and dedication. Hold your head high!

Stacie Wills

About Stacie Wills

Stacie shares her experience and expertise to help build stronger communities by supporting employees and applicants in the ever changing world of work. From ethical work practices that have not changed in many years to best practices that change all the time, she can guide you through the challenges of finding and keeping steady work or growing your career.