MEOS-q3 2016ThumbnailThinking of holding off on your job search until after summer? You may want to reconsider. Although summer can be such a busy time of year with vacations planned, holidays to celebrate and outdoor activities booked, employers are hiring and opportunities are out there.

The hiring outlook for the next three months is bright. Based on the latest Manpower Employment Outlook Survey now is a perfect time to review your resume and explore a new job opportunity. The latest survey results show:

  • 23% of the 11,000 employers surveyed plan to hire over July, August and September.
  • The industries with the strongest hiring outlook are:
    • Leisure and hospitality
    • Wholesale and retail trade
    • Transportation and utilities
    • Professional and business services
  • For individuals in the following status, the potential to find a job is even higher as these states have a stronger hiring outlook than others:
    • Maine
    • Idaho
    • Montana
    • Delaware
    • Oregon
    • Kentucky
  • Major cities that have more employers planning to hire than others, include:
    • Albany, NY
    • Richmond, VA
    • Charleston, SC
    • Salt Lake City, UT

Overall the results show that after accounting for the percentage of employers planning to decrease hiring and those anticipating an increase in hiring, the net outlook is a positive 15%. So although it’s summertime, don’t miss out on landing a job you love. You may just get to spread the joys of summer throughout the year in an exciting new job.

For complete survey results, click here.

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