A key motivator for development is to prepare yourself for that next job you want to land. It’s that constant process of asking yourself what you want to do next. Is it a job that will be in demand in the future? What skills will you need to get you there? Answers to those questions are the ones that truly drive personal development. With ever-evolving advances in technology, the shift in a global workforce and the demand for stronger and faster business processes, there’s a definite need to constantly be asking yourself those questions.

Although I prefer to not directly promote Manpower here, I feel compelled to share that Manpower just launched their career resource platform MyPath. This platform highlights the following resources to help individuals answer those career questions and identify and prepare for that next opportunity.

  1. College courses available at no cost through Western International University to actively, assigned eligible Manpower associates. This is a phenomenal opportunity for Manpower associates to pursue a degree without the financial barrier or burden.
  2. Skills courses available online on a variety of topics from beginner to advance techniques in Excel, communication skills, social media, presentation skills, html, and more are also available to Manpower associates. These are quick 30 to 60 minute courses with great content to apply immediately.
  3. Self-assessment to identify your work preferences. By simply responding to images with a “Me” or “Not Me” answer you can identify work attributes where you thrive. Link the results to jobs and you have a guided path to opportunities where you are most likely to succeed.
  4. Job search and career success tips. Having the latest tips on building a strong online profile, the cutting edge resume to catch a recruiter’s eye or insight into what manager’s value most can lead you to that next great job experience you never thought possible.

The fact that Manpower is offering these resources, especially the education and training opportunities at no cost to actively assigned Manpower associates, speaks to their belief and commitment to helping individuals find and excel in jobs where they can succeed. Manpower is not only providing the guidance, but the resources as well for you to make it happen.

When was the last time you asked yourself “what do I want to do next?” and “do I know what jobs will be in demand in the future?” and “what do I need to get to that next job?”  If you want some help getting to that next opportunity, consider reviewing MyPath.

Nancy Manley

About Nancy Manley

Nancy enjoys helping people find a job that makes them feel complete. She thrives on sharing information that helps candidates become successful employees and engaged workers.