As we continue on our journey in 2016 of career development you should now have your career development goal(s) defined. The next step is identifying how you are going to accomplish those goals. One of the first things to consider is what training resources are available. Here are five common training resources  you could consider – depending on your personal development goals.

  • Employer provided training. Does your employer provide any onsite or online training?  Consider that first as typically it is a benefit to you as an employee and therefore is free.
  • Toastmasters. Consider joining your local Toastmasters group to develop your public speaking, presentation and leadership skills.
  • Webinars or podcasts. There are a variety of free webinars and podcasts available.  Review webinar hosting systems like WebEx or BrightTALK  that offer a variety of topics in video and webinar format.
  • Conferences or trade shows. Consider attending a conference or trade show within your industry or area of expertise.  These events introduce you to the newest trends in your area and are a great networking opportunity to meet others with similar interests and potential career goals.
  • Local community college or university. Explore courses and costs available through your local community college or university.  Or consider an online college like University of Phoenix or  the American Public University System for military and public service personnel.

As you consider your training options keep in mind your preferred learning method, costs, and your schedule in terms of what type of format is going to work best in balancing your work and personal life.  There are a lot of options, so start exploring and then narrow down your list to identify what works best for you.

Share other training options you have used or considered below.

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