Have you ever thought of being a boomerang employee? You may want to consider it.  What is a boomerang employee? Boomerang employees are individuals who left an organization and then rejoin that same organization again.  A recent study found that employers are increasingly willing to re-engage with individuals that had previously worked with the company and left on good terms.

If you left on good terms, your re-entry may be easier than other job seekers which can make working again for a previous employer an appealing option. Here are some benefits to being a boomerang employee:

  1. You may have an inside contact/friend that still works there and could refer you. Referrals are typically viewed as a strong source of quality new hires which will give you a step up in the application process.
  2. Depending on how long it has been since you worked at the company, you may be able to easily identify who is hiring and contact him/her directly. Reach out via LinkedIn and re-introduce yourself and express your interest in the employment opportunity.
  3. You have first-hand knowledge of the corporate culture and can easily evaluate whether the department environment is one where you excel and will enjoy working.
  4. Your transition may be easier as you likely have a good understanding of the industry, the company’s priorities, and goals.
  5. You bring outside knowledge that you can quickly apply to the companies processes based on your previous experience with the company. You likely learned a thing or two on how other companies operate and can share best practices immediately due to your familiarity with the company.

In short, don’t eliminate previous employers from your list of potential places of job opportunities. If you left on good terms it may just surprise you what opportunities now exist.

Let us know if you are a boomerang employee and how it is going? What have you found to be the benefits or hurdles?

Nancy Manley

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Nancy enjoys helping people find a job that makes them feel complete. She thrives on sharing information that helps candidates become successful employees and engaged workers.