As a job seeker, you are going to be exposed to many different hiring processes. Some, no doubt, are more impressive or better than others. While it may not always seem like it, companies are opening their eyes to the importance of the candidate experience. There is a growing focus on making sure that people who are coming through the hiring process exit that process with good vibes toward the employing company. We all know that a small percentage get into the final interview stage and a smaller percentage actually walk away with a job offer. But everyone who enters the hiring process matters. There is even a much-applauded and growing annual award built around this concept called the Candidate Experience Awards.

Many of these award winners and companies who strive to improve the candidate experience turn to video interviewing as one step in the right direction. Montage is my company’s global supplier of video interviewing technology, so I sat with a representative to find out more about the connection between video interviewing and candidate experience. Here are excerpts from that Q&A session.

Q: Can you provide a simple explanation for what video interviewing is and what it involves?

A: Sure, there are typically two types of video interviews:

  1. Video interviewing on-demand: this is when a candidate is invited by a recruiter to click on a link and answer a standard set of questions to help them prescreen potential applicants. When you get that email, you will find instructions and a link that takes you into the application and walks you through how to answer questions using your webcam. You can use anything you have with a camera – a smartphone, tablet, laptop – and answer the questions when it’s convenient for you.
  2. Video interviewing live: this is when a recruiter sets up a specific time to meet with you over video. You click on a link to enter a video interviewing room and meet up with one or many interviewers just like you would in the building walking into a conference room.

Q: How does this technology help the candidate?

A: First of all, it creates a way for you to get to know the employing company. If companies are doing it right, the video interviewing platform greets you with company videos and resources to help you learn more about the company. It may even have a job-specific video from the hiring manager or people already working in the department so you can see what it’s like to join that company. Second, it creates flexibility for you. If invited for an on-demand interview, you can check out the questions ahead of time, test out the system and record and re-record your answers until you are happy with them. And, you can do all this from home. The live video interview, too, means you didn’t drive in or travel for the interview. Third, it allows you really bring your resume to life because you are the living proof of your skills, personality and enthusiasm for the job. All of that comes across over video to help you stand out.

Q: What is the recruiter looking for on the other side, the side the candidate does not see?

A: This technology helps the recruiter too in many ways. When they are reviewing completed on-demand video interviews, they are looking for people who fit the job and the company culture. Ideally, they are finding top options that do both. Be brief and to the point, so recruiters can pick you to move ahead without any hesitation. And when doing a live video interview, the recruiter is looking for someone who pops on video as naturally as they would if meeting in the same room.

Q: Is video interviewing here to stay?

A: Yes, all indications point in that direction. Video interviewing is being picked up more and more by companies as a way to cater to the candidate experience and their need for efficiency and quality of hire. Research and reports out of many notable companies indicate very positive growth. At Montage, we see it too, with growth and adoption from within our clients.

Overall, I’d say video interviewing sounds pretty good. It can really benefit the job seeker.

Please watch for blog #2 in this series where we will provide you some tips and tricks on how to prepare for your video interview and pop on screen.

Jill Kempka

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