One good strategy during a job search is to do some research and understand who is hiring. ManpowerGroup just released their latest Manpower Employment Outlook Survey of employers’ hiring plans for the upcoming three months. The survey reflects what states and major cities have the most plans to hire and drills down into what industries have the greatest hiring activity. This gives you some good insight into where the jobs are in terms of geographic locations and industries, which can help in targeting your job search to where there are the most opportunities. Here’s how to get started using the survey data:

  1. Review the results to understand what locations and industries are hiring.
  2. Conduct research on Google and review the job boards to identify specific jobs in most demand based on the locations and industries indicated in the survey. Use the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Industries at a Glance website to better understand specific industries.
  3. Think about what you do or how your skills relate to the jobs in demand in those areas and industries. Skills that are needed in multiple jobs are referred to as transferrable skills. To understand skills required in different jobs visit O*Net  and look for jobs based on the industries hiring.
  4. Try a new approach with your job search and focus on jobs that require your top three to five skills; search on your skills not job titles. Then concentrate on jobs in an industry that is hiring and may have been off your radar previously.

As an example, the latest survey indicates that Leisure and Hospitality is an industry with a positive hiring outlook. This is an industry that has consistently appeared on the survey and has been continually growing. If you are an administrative assistant however you may be thinking “how does this information help me.” Well, behind the scenes of the jobs we typically think of with leisure and hospitality, like food servers, cooks, waiters and concierges, there is a need for people with your administrative skills as well.

The key is to think in terms of your skills and not necessarily the job titles you have held. You may have great organization skills, an outstanding customer service attitude or event planning and budget management skills. Use those keywords in your online job search efforts within an industry search and see what you find. You may just land a job that ignites your passion in a whole new direction.

Use the survey results to drive your search efforts and find job success.  Let us know how it works.  Share your comments and suggestions below.

Nancy Manley

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