A “resume refresher” is a great way to kick off a new job search with your best foot forward. Even if you just updated your resume last year; one year can make a world of difference. You want to be sure your most recent accomplishments and experiences are included on your resume. An updated resume could be the ticket to the job you’ve been looking for. First impressions count, and that piece of paper is often the first information future employers receive about you. Be sure to fine-tune and tweak as much as you can! Refreshing your resume doesn’t have to be a painfully laborious process. Here are few tips to making it simple and effective:

  • Add relevant professional activities:
    • Training/Certification
    • Degrees earned
  • Include recent accomplishments and data
  • Revamp word selection to be engaging, pertinent, and up-to-date
  • Ensure the formatting is sleek and current
  • Edit, edit, edit! A great resume has no room for grammatical errors
  • If you’re a student be sure to update your:
    • GPA
    • Relevant course list
    • Extra-curricular clubs and activities
    • Awards/Honors

Remember, keeping your resume updated isn’t an only when you’re looking for a job or even a once-a-year task. Revisit your resume continuously if you want to maximize your job hunt potential.