Whether you find yourself in a casual office setting, or in a more formal one, it is far too easy to stumble into a wardrobe rut. One day, you find yourself either running out of outfits, or a change in the weather from sunshine to snowstorms throws you off. How you dress can have an impact on not only how others see you, but also, how you see yourself. I’ve found that when I kick off the day in an outfit I’m proud of, it boosts my confidence and positivity. Having a closet full of opportunity isn’t as complicated, or as expensive, as it may seem. Check out the tips below on how you can bring forth the fashion-forward side of you…maybe even set some office-wide trends.

  • Back to basics – “noteworthy neutrals”
    • At times it can be easy to get caught up in exotic patterned dresses and tops, but remember, every closet needs the essentials: solid, neutral-colored garments that can go with just about everything.
      • Black/grey/tan slacks/skirts/dresses
      • Neutral sweaters/blazers
      • Black/brown shoes in a few styles
  • A Pop of Color
    • Of course, wearing all black everyday might get a little dreary after a while. Liven up your outfits with bright-colored statement pieces, scarves, watches or earrings, if appropriate.
  • Simple Patterns
    • Having all of the basics are important, but don’t be shy about throwing in a few simple patterns that can be matched with solid-colored slacks or skirts. Patterns that work include black/navy and white polka dots, black/navy and white stripes or a chevron pattern.

Dressing for work may not seem important, but by paying attention to a few fashion tips can definitely make an impact.