First impressions matter and how we dress definitely impacts the impression others develop of us.  It’s a good idea to check your closet every quarter to make sure your wardrobe is supporting your efforts to make a positive first impression.

Here are 5 wardrobe must-haves to help make sure the impression you make is positive:

  1. Cleaned and polished shoes.  Whether it’s a steel-toed boot or a pump, make sure your shoes are clean.  Dress shoes should be polished.   Make sure there are no holes in the shoes, including the bottom/soles and that the shoes don’t make a noise when you walk.
  2. Neutral colored, clean pants. Choose pants in black, navy, grey or tan as they are a classic look and can easily be mixed and matched with other pieces.   Make sure the pants fit appropriately and are ironed, and well-maintained.  If jeans are allowed at your place of work make sure yours are clean, hole-free, and fit appropriately.
  3. Classic button down white shirt.  A closet requirement is a button down white shirt as it conveys professionalism and confidence.  It goes with every color pant and is a classic style that will last. When in doubt, where a clean white shirt.
  4. A belt.  Whether you need a belt to hold up or pants or not, it is important to have one so your outfit looks complete.  Make sure it is polished and well-maintained.
  5. Appropriate socks/hosiery.  The socks/hosiery should match your pants and shoes.  Make sure your leg is completely covered, even when sitting down and there are no holes in the material.

These are the basic pieces to build up your wardrobe.   First impressions begin with what is seen on the outside but are also impacted by your attitude and behavior, so make sure you feel comfortable and confident as well.

What are the essential pieces in your wardrobe?  

Nancy Manley

About Nancy Manley

Nancy enjoys helping people find a job that makes them feel complete. She thrives on sharing information that helps candidates become successful employees and engaged workers.