I ran across this quote the other day that I find particularly inspiring and appropriate for the season.

“When it comes to life the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude.” –  Gilbert K. Chesterton

Personally this quote is a good reminder for me as I tend to focus so much on what is ahead or needed for the future that I fail to reflect on what I have – I tend to take things for granted.  I think this happens with job seekers as well. There is a tendency to focus so much on the search for a new job that one fails to recollect or fully appreciate the experiences and qualities one possesses. We tend to belittle our experiences and traits that truly make us who we are.

So, as we head in to this holiday time, take the time to thoroughly review your knowledge, skills and abilities and the work you have done to acquire and develop those qualities. Write down the qualities or experiences you are most proud of.  Take pride in them. Be thankful for the great qualities you have and use that pride to promote them in your cover letter, resume and interview.

Start by sharing here.  What are some of the qualities you are most proud of?  

Nancy Manley

About Nancy Manley

Nancy enjoys helping people find a job that makes them feel complete. She thrives on sharing information that helps candidates become successful employees and engaged workers.