Ever consider a career in customer service? Opportunities in this field exist in almost every company and industry. It can be a great lifelong career or serve as a solid stepping stone on your career path.

In celebration of National Customer Service Week, we sat down with Mike, ManpowerGroup’s Senior Ambassador. Those who visit ManpowerGroup’s global headquarters in Milwaukee, WI are usually first met by Mike, and the organization receives many comments on Mike’s welcoming and friendly demeanor.

An Interview with Mike – Sr. Ambassador of Customer Service and Events of ManpowerGroup

What do you love about your job?”

Mike: “I love to be able to meet people from all walks of life from all over the world every day. It’s great to be able to go way beyond people’s expectations when I meet them. The interaction and being able to help them in many ways is rewarding; not only for that visit but for future visits.”

What do you believe is good customer service?”

Mike: “Good customer service is being able to connect with that person. To let them know that they are important, and that you’re happy they are there. Good customer service is being able to listen to customer needs and go above and beyond to make sure they have a fantastic visit. An important factor for customer service is that people know their needs are getting met not only for that interaction but for future interactions. We do it every day in many different ways.”

What is your number one piece of advice for those in customer service?”

Mike: “My number one piece of advice would be to treat others like they’re family. Treat them like they’re your favorite Uncle or Aunt. You want them to know they are important to you, that you are there to help them, and that you are going to go above and beyond what their needs are. Even if you may not even know the answer, you’re going to do what you can to get it to them and follow through. Lastly, it is important for others to be able to approach you at any time so that they feel comfortable coming back and asking you for assistance. The customer should know you consider them important and that you are there to help.”

We would like to thank Mike for his time and wisdom into the world of customer service. It can be an extremely challenging and rewarding career. Could it be your next career move?

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