Looking for a job is hard. Looking for a job in another city or state adds another level of difficulty. With all of the readily available technology and online resources, this type of job search has become a little easier, but I wouldn’t call it easy. Here are 7 tips to get you started when you want to search across state lines:

  1. Get to know the area. Do some research on the city where you will be moving. Find out the surrounding communities that are within commuting distance. Know the top companies in the area. Check out sites like Glassdoor.com to see which companies have the best reputations.
  2. Network like crazy. You need connections in a new market. How do you find them? Networking! The number one way to find a job has never been more important. Talk to everyone you know and share your situation. Ask for help in finding contacts in your new location. Remember: People know people!
  3. Find related online communities. Online networking and communities are another great way to connect with people and jobs. Look for local job search groups, check LinkedIn groups, community groups and more. Many of these communities have job listings or even career meet-ups.
  4. Use a local address. If possible, list a local address on your resume – maybe the address of a family member or friend where you are temporarily residing. Otherwise, list your current address and include a line below that states something like, “Relocating to CITY in December 2014.”
  5. Explain your situation whenever possible. Include news and specifics surrounding your relocation in networking conversations, cover letters and more. It always helps to be upfront and honest about your circumstances.
  6. Get ready for video interviews. Since you may not be in your target city when you start your job search, some of your interviews may be online. Get familiar with the dos and don’ts of video interviews.
  7. Check out staffing agencies. Larger staffing firms, like Manpower, have locations and clients in many cities. Oftentimes, they can help you get started.

So, it’s not always easy, but it can be done! Good luck in your search (and move)!

Jill Kempka

About Jill Kempka

Jill loves to share information about ways to keep up with the changing world of work. She focuses on quick tips, facts and helpful lists to give job seekers tactics and advice they can immediately use.