The Manpower Career Coach Blog is pleased to present a mini-series of blog posts highlighting the experiences and advice from a workplace newbie. These posts will provide value to all job seekers, regardless of your career history.

At times, the job/internship search can be very disheartening.  It can feel like you are throwing out your resume left and right, and people aren’t even looking at it! Believe it or not, there is a good chance that is exactly what’s happening.  The real struggle lies in getting someone to actually read your resume.  A lot of companies get stacks and stacks of resumes to read through on a daily basis.  How can you cut through the clutter? Applying to a job online, through the standard company set up, is of course an important step.  But, don’t stop there.

  1. Check out the Company Website. It might seem like the most obvious suggestion in the world, but give it a try.  Look to find email addresses with names, something that indicates you’re sending your resume to a person and not a machine. Let them know you applied online, but wanted to reach out directly as well.
  2. Network with alumni. Whether it’s with people from high school or college, use LinkedIn or even Facebook, to reach out to people who you have a connection with that might work for or with the company you’re applying to. They might be able to flag your resume!
  3. Give the company a call! Seems terrifying, I know. But you might as well! It shows gumption and initiative.  Give them a ring, sound confident and articulate and ask to speak with someone about the position you recently applied for. The worst thing they can say is no.
  4. Use the resources available to you. Get creative and step out of the comfortable, traditional way to do things.  Talk to people.  Have more face-to-face interactions.  Breathe some life into your resume, literally. Visit career centers; speak with professors, coaches, friends and family; tap into the people and resources around you!