The Manpower Career Coach Blog is pleased to present a mini-series of blog posts highlighting the experiences and advice from a workplace newbie. These posts will provide value to all job seekers, regardless of your career history.

Believe it or not, Pinterest is not just for bride-to-be’s looking for the perfect reception set ups, or housewives browsing through thousands of “do-it-yourself” bedroom décor ideas. Pinterest is for the job seeker, too. Pinterest gives you the chance to explore career opportunities, connect with pinners who have similar passions and convey to followers their own talents and interests. Here are a few ideas on how to add Pinterest to your job search strategy:

  1. “Pin” your resume: A dynamic job seeker should not be afraid to get their resume out there. Be sure to tag your pin with specific search terms (i.e. graphic design resume).
  2. Create a “My Resume” board: Creating a resume board allows for more elaborate descriptions by breaking up and segmenting the varying pieces of a resume into multiple pins.
  3. “Pin” Career Advice: From interview guidelines to resume tips to advice on achieving your overall career goals, there is a pin for any and every question you might have!
  4. Follow, Comment and Like Company Boards: It’s a great way to learn more about a company, to find potential career opportunities, and to engage with current employees.
  5. Stay Positive! On top of advice, Pinterest is famous for its motivational and inspiring pins. Often, the job search can be a frustrating process, but Pinterest works to uplift it’s users via pins with encouraging messages.

Understanding how best to tap into Pinterest as a job seeker and as yet another effective and fun tool can give you that extra competitive networking edge needed to separate from the crowd. Now is the time, for job seekers and businesses alike to hop aboard.