As mentioned in our last post (Part 1), everyone still needs a resume. Whether employers read them or not, the resume is usually your ticket into the game. Here are the final five tips to help keep your resume out of the trash, recycle bin or from simply being deleted.

6. Make sure the robots can read it. Most companies use screening programs to sort through, rank and search resumes. Make sure yours is found by using standard formats, section headers, skills and job titles. Include the keywords that the employer used in the job description for your best chance of being found.
7. Showcase your personal brand. Your resume is a powerful selling tool. Give a potential employer a powerful snapshot of who you are and what you’re all about: your personal brand. Infuse your style and passion into every word.
8. Make it readable. Don’t get too fancy with your resume, especially when submitting online. Keep the fonts simple and the font size in check. Use normal margins and conventional formats. Employers expect to see things in a certain format. Don’t waste your 6 second review.
9. Put your best stuff up top. Highlight your top features at the top of your resume, i.e. in a Qualifications Summary. When listing out items per job, list your best accomplishments first.
10. Sound current (and like a person). Don’t go too long between resume updates or you risk forgetting important accomplishments or sounding out of touch. Also, make sure your resume is a true reflection of you. Be clear, yet personable.

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