Job seekers have a lot of questions. And, in fact, many job seekers have the same questions. The next few Career Coach blog posts will take a look at some of these commonly asked questions.

Today’s Question: How Much Time Should I Spend on Job Boards?

Answer:  Not as much as you think. It can be easy to spend endless hours on the large number of job boards out there. However, you probably should spend no more than one hour a day (if that) on the boards. Instead, learn to use job boards efficiently. Set up job alerts that match your preferences and have the listings sent to your phone or email. Post your resume on boards that you trust and let recruiters find you. Use job search aggregators like or – this lets you search one site instead of many.

Another way to use job boards is to learn about companies and available jobs. This information can help you create your resume or prepare for an interview. And remember, while job boards can be great sources of job postings and information; your best chance for finding a new job is networking.

Watch for more commonly asked questions over the next few weeks. We’ll try to tackle what you’re thinking. If you have a specific question, please let us know in the comments.

Jill Kempka

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