If you’re looking for a job; you have a lot on your mind, including a lot of questions. And, in fact, many job seekers have the same questions. The next few Career Coach blog posts will take a look at some of these commonly asked questions.

Today’s Question: How can I be good at networking if I’m shy?

Answer: Even if you’re shy, you can be a successful networker; it just takes a little preparation. Work on your small talk skills and practice your elevator speech (the 15-second pitch that sums up you, your experience, expertise and goals). Test your networking talk with friends and family until you become comfortable. Remember, networking isn’t about asking for a job, it’s asking for help, advice, a meeting, an introduction, etc. If you’re having a hard time meeting new people, try going to different types of events. You never know who you’ll meet that could help you find your next job.

Watch for more commonly asked questions over the next few weeks. We’ll try to tackle what you’re thinking. If you have a specific question, please let us know in the comments.

Jill Kempka

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