This is it; the finale of our Job Search Checklist from A to Z blog series! Z represents something you should always be prepared for when in an interview situation: Zany interview questions.

Every interview usually has a normal set of questions, “Why do you want to work here?” “Tell me about yourself.” But have you ever been asked an interview question that really caught you off guard? Maybe something like, “If you could be any type of animal, what would you choose?” or “How would you get to work if you were only 2 inches tall?” These questions sound may sound ridiculous to you and me, but these types of questions pop up every once in a while in an interview. The real question is “Why?”

Here are a few possible reasons:

  • The interviewer is testing your creativity, problem-solving, reasoning, or quick-thinking skills. This is most plausible reason, but I’m not sure this tactic would give a complete assessment.
  • To see if you have a sense of humor. While a good characteristic to have, you have to be able to balance humor with skills.
  • To see how you handle pressure. Chances are you didn’t prepare for this question, so the employer may want to see how you react to something unpredictable.
  • The interviewer is a comedian looking for new material. Doubtful, but you never know if they have a side job.

Whatever the situation may be, try to answer the question as professionally as possible. It may seem impossible, but keep your cool and come up with something that sounds like you’ve been waiting for this exact question – basically exude a nice balance of confidence and creativity.

Recently, Google announced that they were going to stop asking these offbeat, brainteaser questions in interviews, but that doesn’t mean everyone has stopped asking them.

Have you ever been asked a zany interview question? How did you handle it? For a peek at more unusual interview questions, check out this list from

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