Still moving along in our Job Search Checklist from A to Z blog series, U represents something we should regularly schedule whether currently looking for a job or not: Updates.

Is your resume in a ready state? If someone asked you for your resume right now, could you email it immediately? Of course you could, but is it updated with your latest work experience, accomplishments and information?

What’s that? Your stuff isn’t updated? It should be. You never know when a career opportunity can pop up. With today’s technology, it’s easier than ever to keep your information current. There are no excuses. Every time you finish a project, complete a temporary job assignment, take training, win an award, etc. you should pull up your resume and LinkedIn profile and make sure you add your new credentials. By updating your resume/profile as you go, you avoid the panic that could arise if you suddenly find yourself out of a job. Also, if you wait too long before you update your information; chances are you will forget some pretty good details and results.

In addition to updating your job search materials, it’s also a good practice to keep your networking contacts updated. Keep them in the loop of your latest and greatest news. Networking is another activity that you should always be doing; not only when you are looking for a new job opportunity.

How often do you update your resume? Have you ever been in a resume/profile frenzy, i.e. needed it yesterday?

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Jill Kempka

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