Continuing along in our Job Search Checklist from A to Z blog series, T stands for a powerful job search, learning and personal branding tool: Twitter.

Twitter is great for lots of reasons, but I think one of the best uses for Twitter is for your career. Twitter offers a ton of information, including jobs, people to network with/learn from, company news and more. Plus, Twitter is a great place to showcase and share your expertise.

Are you even on Twitter? If not, do so immediately. It only takes a few minutes. Here’s how to do it:

Go to and click Sign up for Twitter.

  1. Create your account. You will need to come up with your unique username, i.e. @Manpower_US
  2. Write a short bio. You have 160 characters to describe yourself. This is a great place to highlight your personal brand; who you are and what you’re all about.
  3. Upload a profile picture and headline picture. Reminder:  If you’re a job seeker, use a professional profile picture. A headshot is best.

Once you are on Twitter; it’s time for action.

  1. Find people to follow. Use the Search feature on Twitter or sites like to uncover top people in your industry or skill to follow. You can learn a lot by following leaders and influencers in your areas of interest.
  2. Tweet. You can say a lot in 140 characters (tweet limit). Post an interesting comment, link to an article or blog post you’ve written, or share your feelings on a particular item of interests as it relates to your job or industry.
  3. Retweet. You can also foster conversations and goodwill on Twitter when you retweet posts you like. Consider retweeting someone who is an expert in your field or industry, a company you admire, etc. Maybe they will follow you back as a result.

That’s all you need to get started. That was easy, wasn’t it? One warning: Twitter can be addictive. That is both a good and a bad thing, but it also can be a great resource for your career.

This Career Coach blog post is part of the series: Your Job Search Checklist from A to Z. If you are interested in checking out the webinar on the same topic, click here. Otherwise, keep watching the Career Coach blog for 26 job search alphabet posts.

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