Continuing along in our Job Search Checklist from A to Z blog series, S represents something that can creep in during any job search: Stress.

Let’s face it; for most people, looking for a job is stressful. There is no question that reaching out to networking contacts, applying for job openings, interviewing and waiting to hear from employers can really wear a person down. Make sure you are keeping everything in perspective. The job search is a process; sometimes a long and painful process, but it’s something that every job seeker has to go through. Here are a few suggestions to help you keep your stress in check:

  • Take breaks in your search. Sometimes the job search process takes longer than we’d like and that can cause stress to build up. Consider taking a day or week off (if you can) to give yourself a breather.
  • Recharge regularly. Do something that helps you breakout of your job search situation and find some new energy. Whether you need to start a new exercise routine, go out for a special dinner or take a mini-vacation, it is important to keep your energy level up.
  • Talk with friends, family, mentors, etc. Make sure you have a solid support network in place. Share your feelings and progress with these friends, family members and mentors. Ask for advice and encouragement as needed. These are the people who are in your corner. They want to help you.
  • Exercise. Get moving and get rid of stress. Whether you like kickboxing or walking, any form of exercise can help you release stress and negative energy.
  • Revise your search strategies. Maybe some of your job search tactics haven’t been working. Figure out if you can make some small changes to see if you get better results. Maybe going to more networking events or revising your online profile could make a difference.
  • Focus on being positive. Don’t let the search get you down. Be proud of who you are. Remind yourself of your top skills and accomplishments and maintain a “ready to take on the world” attitude.
  • Make a list.  Writing out a list can be time-consuming itself, but it can really help you keep track of all the moving parts that may be happening in your search. Include things like dates of applications and interviews, as well as notes on when to follow-up with a networking or interview contact.
  • Work in a perk. A great way to stay motivated and get a fresh perspective on things is to step away and give yourself a little job search perk. It may be something as simple as treating yourself to a favorite ice cream flavor after you’ve completed 5 networking calls.

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