Interviews are a really stressful part of the job search. Sometimes you can get so worked up over an interview you don’t really know how to gauge how things went. You may leave the interview thinking, “That went great. They asked the easy questions and I had the answers.” Hmm. Why did they only ask the easy questions? What were the next steps? Maybe you need to run that interview back in your mind one more time. Here are a few things to think about as you rewind your meeting:

The Questions – Did the interviewer only stick to the basic questions that find a way into every interview, e.g. “Tell me about yourself? “Why do you want to work here?” “What is your greatest strength?” If you were never asked any questions with some depth or ones that requested specific examples and experience, maybe they didn’t want to know more.

The Time –Was the interview shorter than expected? Did it at all seem rushed? Did they decide to skip having you meet others saying they already had enough information? Time is valuable and the more time they want to spend with you, the better.

The Interaction – Did you feel like you were having a conversation or did you feel ignored. Was there positive body language and engaging eye contact? Did the interviewer smile? If you felt like you were talking to a brick wall, you might not have been getting through. Hopefully, you at least got a few nods of understanding.

The Sell – Did the interviewer try to sell you on the company? Did they tell you about company perks and great things about working there? If not, they probably didn’t want to get your hopes up (or waste their time.)

The Closing – Did they happen to ask about your desired salary or when you could start? Did you have a chance to ask any questions? Were any next steps discussed? If these things didn’t happen and you left not knowing what should happen next, maybe things didn’t go as well as you thought. There’s always next time.

Jill Kempka

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