Let’s clear something up. There is no place for laziness in your job search. Looking for a job is work. Very rarely does your dream job fall in your lap with no questions or complications. In fact, finding any job can be a challenge; even if your skills are in demand.

In case you have been kicking around the idea of finding a new job, here are 3 ways to get off the couch and get started.

  1. Make the time. Yep, you are going to need to set aside a good chunk of time every day to dedicate to your search. This includes time for calls, research, networking, working on portfolio materials and more.
  2. Go beyond what you would normally do. If your typical idea of a job search is to head over to Dice or Monster and search for a few jobs, plug in your resume and wait for recruiters to call you; it may be time for a new move. A resume is a must-have, but do you have other work samples to show employers. This may be a great time to build a physical portfolio, website, interactive online profile, blog, etc.
  3. Start networking like crazy. If you aren’t someone who likes to get out there and talk to people, get over it. Networking is the number one way to find a job. Most jobs aren’t advertised they are filled by knowing someone who knows inside information. The more people you talk to, the better chance of finding someone on the lookout for someone just like you.
Jill Kempka

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Jill loves to share information about ways to keep up with the changing world of work. She focuses on quick tips, facts and helpful lists to give job seekers tactics and advice they can immediately use.