There are lots of things happening when you are in an interview situation. You are sizing up the company and the interviewer is sizing up you. Are you a good fit? Will you be the right match? One of the best ways to demonstrate that you are the best candidate for the job is to infuse your interview answers with your top skills. Sometimes you are asked about a skill specifically, but oftentimes these are things you list on your resume and aren’t always discussed.

Technical Skills

Of course, the company wants to make sure you can actually perform the job. So, tell them how you have been successful with the technical skills they require, e.g. confirm you know certain computer programs, etc. Give details on the items that are critical for the job.

Soft Skills

The following skills may or may not be asked about outright, but they are at the top of almost every list of employers’ most desired skills. Yep, everyone is looking for people who can demonstrate the following skills:

Communication – Not only do you need to speak clearly and succinctly, you need to prove that you can be counted on in almost every communication situation: written, oral, group, one-on-one, good times, tough times, etc.

Flexibility – You need to share how you can adapt to new situations, changing priorities and new projects. The more willing you are to flex; the better off you will be. Give examples.

Efficiency – Companies like to make money. This occurs when workers come up with smart processes, do their job in a timely fashion and come up with ways to make things even more effective.

Curiosity – When employees question current ways of doing things and are willing to offer ideas for improvement; employers want to know how this will work. Sometimes, just asking why something has been done a certain way can get the discussion going. If you have ideas to share, based on your discussion; go for it.

So, be sure to spice up your interview by inserting these key skills as appropriate. Hopefully, the employer’s ears will perk up and they will want to know more!

What are some of the skills you like to make sure you include in an interview? Let us know in the comments!

Jill Kempka

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Jill loves to share information about ways to keep up with the changing world of work. She focuses on quick tips, facts and helpful lists to give job seekers tactics and advice they can immediately use.