Still thinking about a career change? Today’s post contains the second half of our top 12 career change tips. Committing to a change is a pretty big deal. Hopefully, these tips will help give you the start you need.

7. Gain relevant experience. You may have years of working experience, but you need experience that matters. You may be able to get relevant experience by volunteering or through an internship.
8. Create a new personal brand. Think about your skills, personality, expertise, passion and new career goals. What are the 3-5 things you want the world to know about you? Promote your new brand online and offline.
9. Revise your resume and online profile.  Focus on your transferable skills and relevant experience. Transform your resume and online profile by including pertinent examples and experience.
10. Network. Networking is still the top way to land any type of job. Keep up the social networking online, but don’t forget about networking calls, live events and in-person meetings.
11. Use LinkedIn. More than just your resume, your LinkedIn profile can showcase work examples and your expertise. Complete your profile 100% for maximum impact. Make relevant connections, join groups that match your career interests and contribute useful content and updates.
12. Surround yourself with support. Making a career change can be extremely stressful. Build a support network that will encourage you and inspire your success.

Making a career change can set you on a new course to success. What tips do you have for the career changer?


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