Sometimes you may have to move away to move up or move into a new position. Many areas of the country that are booming with jobs are short on people or people with the right skills. Should you think about relocating?

Relocation is a tough decision. If you live in a tight-knit community where your family and close friends live, relocating is a daunting concept. If you have a family of your own, it’s challenging to uproot your entire family for a possible opportunity. And you’re not alone with thinking this way, 51% of individuals who don’t want to relocate cite family as the main reason. And even when an opportunity is incredibly attractive, and has a wealth of incentives; only 1/3 of individuals would move. But sometimes you need the work, and if there are work opportunities in other cities, states or countries, shouldn’t you give them a shot?

We want to know, have you ever thought of relocating for a job, or actually relocated? Why? And for those of you who wouldn’t move, what’s the determining factor?

Jill Kempka

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Jill loves to share information about ways to keep up with the changing world of work. She focuses on quick tips, facts and helpful lists to give job seekers tactics and advice they can immediately use.