Research has shown that working constantly isn’t good for your brain or your body. Taking breaks gives you a mental or physical “break” to recuperate which helps you immensely; your concentration improves, your work becomes more creative, and your productivity gets a boost. And everyone chooses to do this differently, whether it’s exercise, chatting with a coworker, or surfing the web.

But I’m pretty sure there’s one method we could all agree with – naps. Naps are powerful! Whether you’re taking a quick 30 second mental break or you’re snoozing for a couple of hours, you usually awake with energy and a refreshed feeling. I needed to know more about napping and its impact in the workplace and I stumbled across this napping infographic. Some of the more innovative organizations (Google, Nike) seem to promote napping; not hour-long naps, but a quick “snap” here and there. And napping seems commonplace in other countries. Some of the world’s greatest leaders were even big advocates of the nap.

It’s a pretty crazy idea that probably wouldn’t cut it in many workplaces, but it really got me thinking: why don’t more US companies promote napping? Do you think office napping would improve or detract productivity at your workplace?

Jill Kempka

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