Employers use phone interviews as a way to screen out the enormous amount of applicants that aren’t quite right for the job. With the internet allowing people to apply that aren’t local and time/cost saving efforts, more and more employers are hiring over the phone. That means after one phone call you could land the job! If that isn’t the case and there are many interview rounds, the phone interview is usually your initial human contact. Either way, this is your first opportunity to show off your personality, that you are interested and can do the job.    

You have to keep in mind that each manager has their own individual interviewing style. Some managers like to get straight to the technical questions, others like to ask the typical “Where do you see yourself in 5 years” questions and, finally some managers throw in a curve ball question like, “If you could be a fruit, what would it be?” You want to be prepared for anything. The tips below should help you move on to the next round.

  1. Always convey happiness, eagerness, energy, and excitement.
  2. Stand up while talking as it makes your voice sound more clear and concise.
  3. Smile while talking because the manager can hear it in your voice.
  4. If you have the opportunity, ask as soon as possible:
    1. Describe the ideal candidate.
    2. Describe the candidate’s ideal background. (the skills will be listed in order of importance)
  5. Answer each question in 90 seconds or less.
  6. Avoid “yes-no” answers. Try to have an example for each question.
  7. It’s ok to say you don’t know something. Don’t lie to the manager.
  8. Be prepared to tell the manager when you could start working. Have timelines, clearing it with a spouse, 2 week notice, etc. figured out.
  9. Don’t speak negatively about past jobs, managers or coworkers.
  10. Towards the end make sure you ask these 3 questions!
    1. Is there anything else in my background that I need to share with you to let you know I can do the job?
    2. Are there any uncertainties I need to address?
    3. What is the next step?

I’m sure there are many more tips out there, however if you follow the simple ones provided you will be more successful. As always, please feel free to reach out to me at Jeffrey.thompson@experis.com and I will be glad to answer any questions you might have.

Jeff Thompson

About Jeff Thompson

As an Experis IT Recruiter, Jeff gets great satisfaction from making a difference in people’s lives by helping them meet their career goals. He realizes getting a job is a major life event and wants to be there to help.