Each quarter, we attempt to find out who’s really doing what in cyberspace. We asked the 2,399 attendees at our most recent webinar this question:55% now say they use a social media tool @ work, down a bit from last survey’s 59%. Could it be that folks are starting to tire of the whole SM craze a bit?

To get behind those numbers a bit, we also asked:LinkedIn continues to reign as the undisputed SM tool of choice. In fact, that gap continues to expand, with a whopping 59% now saying LinkedIn is their go-to tool @ work versus only 27% for Facebook.

Google+ remains firmly in third place with a fairly stable 8%. Almost no one uses anything other than those three as their primary tool. Twitter has been hovering around its current 2% for awhile and no other tool has been able to generate any serious buzz in any of our surveys.

What Should Employers Do?

Don’t let social media freak you out. We’re here for you.

Check out our new and improved Employment Law Tool Box which contains a Social Media Starter Kit for everything you need to survive in cyberspace. (Especially the 1% who answered “What’s Social Networking?” in our survey.) It includes loads of sample social media policies, updates on the latest legal developments and links to loads of useful articles.