In each of our quarterly webinars, we conduct a series of polls to see what’s really going on out there in the wonderful world of work. Here are the latest results.

Compliance: Harder or Easier?

We asked the 2,399 attendees of last week’s webinar this question:

By far the #1 answer was “really very extremely scarier,” with nearly two-thirds of the votes. If you add that to the second vote-getter “somewhat scarier,” the sad reality is that 86% of you think compliance is getting harder while only 3% think it’s getting easier. Yikes.

Litigation: Up or Down?

We also asked this question:

33% report an increase versus only 2% reporting a decrease. In other words, the number seeing an increase is 16-and-a-half times greater than those seeing a decrease. Yikes again.

Employment Law Thermometer

We then asked you to rank your top ten employment law headache-inducers. Here’s what you said:

For the first time ever finishing #1 was FMLA with 21.0% of the votes. Next was ADA with 13.2%. In other words, the top two headache-inducers are medical issues. Next was Firings with 12.3% and then rounding out the top 4 was Wage & Hour with 11.5%. We’ll use this data to guide the content for the Blawg going forward to ensure that you’re getting what you really need.

So, What Should Employers Do?

Unfortunately, the increase in litigation is showing absolutely no signs of letting up. That means it’s more important than ever to (1) know the law and (2) take action on key risk areas immediately.

We discussed a variety of ways to achieve those goals in our webinar. Here’s the replay and SlideShare if you didn’t get a chance to join us. and here’s our new and improved Employment Law Tool Box, packed with practical tools and tips to help reduce your headaches in each of the hot spots you identified. It includes termination tips, an investigation checklist, cheat sheets on wage and hour and medical leave laws and much much much more.