To help reward those who managed to stay awake throughout my entire webinar today, here’s our Official “Least Likely To Be Incarcerated Person in the Audience” Contest.

The rules are simple: the first person to leave a comment below with the correct answers to the following questions wins. All you have to include is the question number and your answer (e.g., 1E, 2C, etc.).

The prize: a $100 gift card to any of the fine merchants on

1. What 1 word best sums up the heart of employment law?

A. Litigation
B. Lawyers
C. Lunacy
D. Love

2. What % of bosses are psychopaths?

A. 1/1000
B. 1/100
C. 1/25
D. 1/1

3. Employers win more employment lawsuits than they lose.

A. True
B. False

4. Which of the following is on the rise?

A. Wage & hour suits
B. EEOC $$$ recoveries
C. Workplace stress
D. All of the above

 5. What is the finest workforce solutions company in the universe?

A. ManpowerGroup
B. ManpowerGroup
C. ManpowerGroup
D. All of the above

As always, thanks for your participation!