It is my extreme privilege to host the final Employment Law Blog Carnival of 2012. Here’s a collection of posts from the world’s finest employment lawyers to help make your holidays more ho ho ho than humbug.

How do you keep holiday parties from ruining your holidays? Read this poem from Vanessa Goodard or rap this rhyme from Jesse Dill.

Is Santa immune from getting fired for rude comments in the workplace? Ho Ho No, says Eric Meyer.

Are courts grinchy about awarding employers damages for frivolous lawsuits? Yup, according to Stuart Rudner.

Want to give an employee an inadvertent $1 million holiday bonus? Do what the employer did in this case reported by Philip Miles.

Christmas? Hanukkah? Kwanzaa? Festivus? Tips for avoiding religious discrimination claims from Timothy Eavenson.

Do employers who make employees sign arbitration agreements wind up on the naughty list? Quite possibly, according to Janet Levey Frisch and Lorene Schaefer.

If you employ a virtual workforce of elves who can live anywhere, what law applies? Heather Bussing has the answer.

How do employers avoid the frosty chill of big-$$$ retaliation claims? Don’t fall into the Retaliation Trap described by Adam Whitney and follow these rules from Robin Shea.

Isn’t it Scrooge-ish to refuse to pay for time spent traveling from home to the office? Nope, says Daniel Schwartz.

What if you want to quit your job with Mr. Potter and go to work for George Bailey? Better read this first by Donna Ballman.

Yule be sorry if you make unwise accommodation decisions, says Jon Hyman.

Does an employer who doesn’t have a computer usage policy risk getting a lump of coal in its stocking? Quite possibly, says Robert Fitzpatrick.

Will the political season get a holiday break? Not everywhere, says John Holmquist.

How do you ring in a new year’s worth of performance appraisals without making all your managers and employees quit? Try this and this, says Ari Rosenstein.