Hot off the presses …

A few moments ago, a divided (5-4) Supreme Court upheld the health care reform law.

Here are the highlights (in our standard 100 words or less):

Individual Mandate Survives

The individual mandate survived as a “tax.” Because that piece was deemed lawful, the Court didn’t need to address the constitutionality of the other major parts of the law.

One Minor Quibble

The only piece of the law the Court questioned was a provision requiring states to comply with the new Medicaid eligibility requirements or risk losing funding. The Court found that piece constitutional only if states lose new funds if they fail to comply with the new requirements (as opposed to all funding).

19% Of Our Visitors Are Clairvoyant

Congrats to the 19% of you who correctly predicted that outcome in yesterday’s poll.

Want More?

Here for your reading pleasure are all 193 pages of the Court’s opinion. Here’s The Wall Street Journal’s take. And here’s an excellent summary from Ernst & Young that includes a handy chart showing exactly what employers need to do when.