The people have spoken …

In preparation for our upcoming July 25 webinar, The Employment Law Talk Show, we asked you the following question:

If you could change one thing about lawyers, what would it be?

After a total of 271 votes, the winner by a mile is: Keep things simple – no legalese.

The runner-up: Be more solutions-oriented.

Those two things are something we lawyers hear over and over and over. But are we listening? Apparently not, as the third-place finisher was: Listen more and talk less.

Sadly, Nothing finished dead last. Actually, I was surprised/happy that Everything didn’t top the list (it finished in a tie for third).

Here are the full results, in order of finish:

1.   Keep things simple – no legalese (27%)
2.   Be more solutions-oriented (16%)
3.   Listen more and talk less (13%)
”     Everything (13%)
5.   Be more responsive (12%)
”     Be less adversarial (12%)
7.   Know my business/industry better (11%)
”    Be more open to alternative billing arrangements (11%)
9.   Lighten up – laugh, sing, dance, etc. every once in awhile (8%)
10. Be more proactive (7%)
11. Nothing (2%)

We’ll discuss these results in detail during our webinar. In the meantime, feel free to pass ’em along to any lawyers you know to help make the world a better place.

As always, thanks for your participation!