Last week, we discussed a recent study showing that both plaintiffs and defendants basically hate employment litigation.

We wanted to find out what YOU think. So in our most recent poll we asked you to express how you realllllly feel about the employment lawsuit process.

We gave you six choices. Here’s how you responded:

  • It strongly favors employees (36.0%)
  • It somewhat favors employees (32.2%)
  • It’s equally fair to both parties (5.3%)
  • It’s equally unfair to both parties (7.4%)
  • It somewhat favors employers (4.8%)
  • It strongly favors employers (14.3%)

The biggest vote-getter was “strongly favors employees” with “somewhat favors employees” a close second and, somewhat surprisingly, “strongly favors employers” finishing in third.

In other words, more than two-thirds of you (68%) feel that the process favors employees, with only 19% saying it favors employers and 13% saying it’s equally fair/unfair. Looked at another way, those who feel employees have the advantage outweighed those with the opposite perspective by a more than 3:1 margin.

We’ll keep the poll open for a bit and discuss the final results in our upcoming July 25 webinar, The Employment Law Talk Show. As always, thanks for your participation!