One of the best ways to avoid needless employment law disputes is to stay in touch with what your employees are thinking, feeling and doing. As part of our never-ending quest to keep you up-to-speed on the latest developments affecting your workplace, the following is our guide to some of the lesser-known celebrations your employees might be observing this month.

CONTEST:  Just to make sure you’re paying attention, I included one made-up item. The rest are very real. The first person to post a comment identifying the bogus celebration will win a valuable prize.

  • Law Day (1)
  • Lei Day (1)
  • National Dance Day (1)
  • Mother Goose Day (1)
  • World Laughter Day (1)
  • National Play Your Ukulele Day (2)
  • National Two Different Colored Shoes Day (3)
  • Lumpy Rug Day (3)
  • Paranormal Day (3)
  • Respect for Chickens Day (4)
  • Great American Grump Out (4)
  • No Diet Day (6)
  • No Pants Day (6)
  • Tuba Day (6)
  • No Socks Day (8)
  • National Miniature Golf Day (8)
  • Stay Up All Night Day (8)
  • Give Everyone a 27% Raise Without Telling Accounting Day (10)
  • Eat What You Want Day (11)
  • Limerick Day (12)
  • National Nutty Fudge Day (12)
  • National Chicken Dance Day (14)
  • National Chocolate Chip Day (15)
  • National Pizza Party Day (15)
  • NASCAR Day (15)
  • National Sea Monkey Day (16)
  • Visit Your Relatives Day (18)
  • Mike, The Headless Chicken Day (20-21)
  • National Taffy Day (23)
  • World Turtle Day (23)
  • Hug Your Cat Day (24)
  • Cookie Monster’s Birthday (25)
  • National Tap Dance Day (25)
  • Geek Pride Day (25)
  • National Wig Out Day (27)
  • Slugs Return From Capistrano Day (28)

What this means for employers. If your employees suddenly stop wearing pants, socks and matching shoes, showing undue respect for chickens, hugging cats, spouting limericks, flattening lumpy rugs, tap dancing in their cubicles, taking pride in their geekishness, playing the tuba and ukulele, welcoming returning slugs, ingesting inordinate amounts of nutty fudge, chocolate chips, pizza, taffy and sea monkeys, now you know why.

Enjoy the month!