In preparation for our April 25 webinar entitled Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Employee Engagement, we’ve been asking our registrants a series of questions to see who’s really doing what out in the real world.

First we asked a basic question: Do you conduct employee engagement surveys?

So far after 500+ votes “No” is winning, with 51% saying they don’t conduct surveys and only 49% saying they do.

We then asked: How often do you conduct engagement surveys?

Far and away the #1 answer so far is “Never,” with just over 50% of the votes. The complete results:

  1. Never (50%)
  2. Annually (29%)
  3. Every 2 years (10%)
  4. Every 3 years (7%)
  5. Twice a year (3%)
  6. Quarterly (1%)
  7. Monthly (less than 1%)

Next we asked: Do you follow up your engagement surveys with a concrete action plan?

“Never” is #1 with 46% of the votes. Next is “Sometimes” with 29% and then “Always” with 24%.

What’s It All Mean?

Based on these preliminary results, it’s pretty clear that not everyone is engaged in engagement engagingly.

In our webinar, we’ll give you all the latest facts and figures showing why that could be a HUGE mistake that could be costing your company millions. We’ll also give you all the latest tools and tips to increase engagement at all levels of your organization. And all for FREE.

Hope you can join us!