On April 25, I’m presenting a webinar entitled Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Employee Engagement.

One of the things we’ll be addressing is DIS-engagement. One highly disengaging factor often cited by employees is a plethora of mindless meetings.

We wanted to find out what you think, so this week’s Question of the Week was:

What % of meetings you attend are actually useful?

The people have spoken.

The #1 response was that a mere 50-59% of your meetings are useful. In other words, 40-49% are a waste of time.

Interestingly, the answers were spread fairly evenly across the spectrum, with several people choosing 90-99% and a clearly despondent 6 of you choosing 0-9%. In other words, it seems that meeting usefulness varies wildly depending on where you work.

Here are the full results:

  • 0-9%: 4%
  • 10-19%: 7%
  • 20-29%: 12%
  • 30-39%: 10%
  • 40-49%: 4%
  • 50-59%: 17%
  • 60-69%: 11%
  • 70-79%: 11%
  • 80-89%: 10%
  • 90-99%: 12%

What It All Means

A study found that each of us spends approximately 744 hours a year in meetings. If we waste about 50% of that time, that’s 372 hours — more than 9 weeks — each of us would have available to us to do something more productive.

If you multiply that by the number of employees in the U.S. alone, that’s a whopping 57.3 billion hours wasted each year.

In the webinar, we’ll talk about how this meeting madness directly impacts employee engagement and what we can all do to get some of those 57.3 billion hours back.

Hope you can join us and thanks again for your participation!