The EEOC has issued two revised publications addressing how the ADA applies to veterans with disabilities.

The documents are an outgrowth of a public meeting the EEOC held last November, entitled Overcoming Barriers to the Employment of Veterans with Disabilities.

TheĀ Guide for Employers explains how employers can prevent disability discrimination and provide reasonable accommodations to veterans. It also explains the sometimes confusing differences in how the ADA and USERRA apply to veterans.

TheĀ Guide for Wounded Veterans answers FAQs that veterans may have about protections under the law when they return to their former jobs or look for civilian opportunities. It also explains what accommodations may be available to help veterans obtain and maintain successful employment.

Over the past decade, three million veterans have returned from military service. Another million are expected to return to civilian life over the next five years based on the anticipated drawdown of Middle East operations. Unemployment for post-9/11 vets is about 12 percent — three full percentage points higher than the overall rate.

Here’s more on this from the EEOC.