Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. What are you on?

We recently asked more than 3,400 HR and business professionals the following questions in Manpower’s exclusive Quarterly Social Networking Poll:

Do you currently use a social networking tool?

  • 68% said “Yes”
  • 31% said “No”
  • 1% said “What’s social networking?”

Which social networking tools do you use most?

  • Facebook:  64%
  • LinkedIn:   34%
  • Twitter:  2%
  • Tumblr: .001%
  • Foursquare: .0007%

Let’s break it down . . .

  • Social media use was up an ever-so-slight 1% over last quarter.
  • Facebook remains the undisputed heavyweight champion of social networking and appears to be widening the gap between it and runner-up LinkedIn. Facebook as the #1 choice rose from 60% to 64% over the past quarter and its lead over LinkedIn jumped from 26% to 30%.
  • Almost no one uses anything other than those two as their primary “go to” tool. Twitter has been steady for several quarters at a tiny 2%, with Tumblr (.001%) and Foursquare (.0007%) coming in fourth and fifth but barely registering in the poll.

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As always, thanks for your participation! Stay tuned for more on the latest trends affecting the wonderful world of workplace law.