Each week, we post a thought-provoking question for your consideration. Here’s our last question, along with your answers . . .

In seeking to represent a unit of 100 employees, what is the least number of votes a union could receive and still win an NLRB election?

a.  50 (10%)
b.  51 (63%)
c.  1   (11%)
d.  30 (16%)

Believe it or not, the correct answer is “c”:  one is all it takes.  A union only needs to win a simple majority of the votes cast to win an election. Thus, if only one employee votes — and votes in favor of the union — the union wins.

Our viewers are now batting a respectable .556 (25 right, 20 wrong) on our weekly questions.  The next one will be coming your way soon.

As always, thanks for your participation!