In this video, an HR “professional” commits a multitude of mistakes that could get her in legal hot water. Ignore the lame acting (especially mine) and see how many you can spot.

The answer key is below (but no peeking until after you’ve tried it yourself). Also, see if you can guess how many donuts I shoved into my mouth during the filming of the video (that answer’s below, too).

Happy hunting!


There are a total of 50 errors. They are:

  1. Not realizing that she was interviewing a celebrity who’s been dead for more than three decades
  2. Unprofessional clutter on the desk
  3. Unprofessional attire
  4. Not getting up to greet or shake hands with the candidate
  5. Offering the candidate food during the interview, thereby rendering many of his answers unintelligible
  6. Not reading the resume in advance
  7. Mispronouncing the candidate’s name
  8. Allowing only five minutes for the interview
  9. Asking where the candidate lives
  10. Asking him if his residence is a halfway house
  11. Ignoring a gap of more than thirty years in employment
  12. Invading the candidate’s personal space
  13. Bad-mouthing the company
  14. Using unprofessional language (“craphole”)
  15. Demeaning the company’s production process
  16. Asking the candidate if he’s married
  17. Flirting with the candidate
  18. Unbuttoning her blouse
  19. Exposing an “I’m Single” T-shirt
  20. Asking the candidate’s birthdate
  21. Making an age-ist comment (“You are remarkably well preserved”)
  22. Inquiring about the candidate’s national origin
  23. Making an ethnic joke (“Is that why you’re Hung-a-ry all the time?”)
  24. Pre-offer drug testing
  25. Ignoring the candidate’s suspicious behavior when informed of the drug test
  26. Not allowing the candidate to leave when he freaked about the drug test
  27. Saying that drug tests are conducted only to scare off “lowlifes”
  28. Asking the candidate if he’s in the reserves
  29. Implying that reservists don’t have regular attendance
  30. Ignoring the fact that the candidate’s only reference is dead
  31. Failing to check references
  32. Unprofessional gum chomping and blowing a bubble
  33. Asking about pending arrests
  34. Asking about worker’s compensation claims
  35. Asking about disabilities
  36. Showing displeasure at the candidate’s facial twitch
  37. Telling the candidate not to twitch in front of clients
  38. Looking for candidates for only a week
  39. Finding the candidate to be qualified despite his utter lack of skills and experience
  40. Making a demeaning comment about another candidate
  41. Discriminatory anti-pregnancy comment (“she looked like she was about ready to pop”)
  42. Offering the candidate on the spot
  43. Giving the candidate a high-five
  44. Not following company policies
  45. Insufficient job-related questions and numerous job-unrelated questions
  46. Lack of open-ended questions
  47. Talking more than the candidate
  48. Taking no notes except birthdate
  49. Not describing any of the pertinent details of the job
  50. Ignoring the candidate’s theft of company property (the donut bowl)

As for the number of donuts I crammed into my mouth during the filming of this video, the correct number is 83. Don’t try this at home.